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Welcome to Lyons Roofing Company, one of Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s most trusted roofing company. We serve the Greater Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas with roof repairs as well as roof replacement for residential and commercial projects. Lyons Roofing is your source for a wide selection of roofing products, including metal roofing. In addition to being, your Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana roofing company, Lyons Roofing is an expert source for home improvement services including siding, gutters and gutter guards. Learn How →

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We know what the hot summers and stormy winters can do to your home's roof, siding and gutters in Louisville. We live here, too. Family run, locally owned and operated, Lyons Roofing Company is your local roofing company.

If you're in need of new roofing, roof replacement, roof repairs including all composition shingles and flat roofing, impact resistant shingles, ridge vents, metal roofing, soffit, and fascia, our local professionals will contact you quickly and meet with you personally, to discuss your options for repairs or replacement.

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Taking care of your home is more than just calling a roofing contractor when you need them. It's about regular maintenance and know WHAT you can do yourself and WHEN you should call in the professionals. With our articles, get better informed about protecting your most valuable asset - your home.

Counter or Brick Flashing for the DIY in you

Not every house has to worry about brick flashing. For those of us that have counter flashing on our chimneys or roof walls, we go through ways to install and if you need to maintain it.   What is Brick Flashing? Brick flashing or as most roofing contractors call it “Counter Flashing” Provides a decorative and solid cover for your step flashing against the brick, or around the chimney on your home. The materials used to make up your counter or brick flashing most commonly is sheet metal, depending on the color of your roof or your preference. Your roofing contractor can install any color counter flashing. Copper counter or … [Read More...]

Decorate your roof for Halloween

Decorate your roof for Halloween Every year homes all around the country decorate for Halloween. We take a fun look at some of the best ways to decorate your roof for Halloween and some of the things you will need to know about decorating your roof in a safe way that will not cause problems inside and out of your home.   Fun ways to decorate your roof   These are some of the funniest and scariest ways to decorate your roof for Halloween. Have you seen some fun or scary ways? Send them our way!   Scary and extremely in depth. It may take a lot of time but these decorations are guaranteed to scare the trick or … [Read More...]

How to replace a damaged shingle

Replace a Damaged Shingle Everyone at some point in their homeownership is faced with a damaged shingle or twenty. How hard is it to replace a damaged shingle you ask? Not hard at all, I know easier said than done, how about we walk you through it real quick! The hardest part of replacing a shingle is getting the correct match on the color. There are two ways to handle it. One, you can take the damaged part into your local roofing supply company or even Lowes or Home Depot and they will match the color up for you quickly.   The second option you have if your shingle is one that is discontinued. Remove the shingle from a less … [Read More...]